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Esker - Classic 2 Winter Tent


Esker Classic 2 10'x10' & 12'x12' Winter Tent


Identical to the Esker Classic, but with the tent's stove pipe ring moved to the right side wall, the Esker Classic 2, through the use of a stove with an elbow, allows for the use of pipe stacks without a spark arrestor and keeps creosote and embers away from the tent fabric.

The Esker Classic 2 hot tent features a square, 4-sided design and 30" sidewalls, which results in a highly compact, portable tent that is easy to set up, roomy, allows for the use of cots.

Canadian-made 10oz cotton Sunforger fabric (aka army duck cotton), the Esker Classic 2 includes a two-way zipper and an adjustable air vent. The air vent helps temperature control and assists with clearing the smoke when lighting the stove. The stove pipe ring is on the front right side wall of the tent, which allows for a stove with an angled pipe. The elbowed pipe reduces the chances of creosote embers landing on the canvas of the tent.

The 10' x 10' hot tent can sleep three to four people with a stove or six people with no stove. The 12' x 12' version can sleep four to six people with a stove. The Esker Classic 2 winter camping hot tent requires no pole kit to erect. Stake out the corners and guy out the sidewall. You can then use an available stave or pole from the environment to pitch the tent. Standard construction details include double sewn and flat-felled seams and full compliance with Canadian tent and fire safety regulations.

10'x10' Tent Specs:

  • 10.10 oz Army Duck 4 strand Sunforger Canvas
  • Centre peak: 2.3m (7'6")
  • Sidewall height: .76m (30")
  • Overal Area (approx): 9.65 Sq M (10'x10')
  • Weight: 9.5kg (21lbs)
  • Packed Dimensions: 32cm x 26cm x 55cm x (12.5" x 10" x 21.5")
  • Suggested Stove: Esker Ontario 2, Esker Huron 2

12'x12' Tent Specs:

  • 10.10 oz Army Duck 4 strand Sunforger Canvas
  • Centre peak: 2.3m (7'6")
  • Sidewall height: .76m (30")
  • Overal Area (approx): 13.4 Sq M (12'x12')
  • Weight: 13kg (29lbs)
  • Packed Dimensions: 32cm x 28cm x 65cm x (12.5" x 11" 25.5")
  • Suggested Stove: Esker Superior 2

All Esker winter tents feature sewn loops in the panels to allow for a drying line and are manufactured right here in Canada.