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Aquabound - Eagle Ray Carbon Paddle


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Aqua Bound Eagle Ray Carbon

The Eagle Ray Carbon kayak paddle from Aqua-Bound is a great choice for touring with heavy loads or when paddling in adverse conditions. Its lightweight, durable construction and economical price point make this paddle a perfect choice beginners and intermediate paddlers alike.

The Eagle Ray Carbon features a carbon shaft with long and slim blades (98 sq. inches) constructed from abX resin reinforced with carbon fibers. The larger blade shape provides added pull with each stroke giving you more power when it’s needed most, and the surface area is more effective for larger paddlers when it comes to bracing.

At 30.3 oz., the Eagle Ray Carbon kayak paddle is a little heavier than the smaller Sting Ray Carbon model, but it still retains a comfortable swing weight for low-angle paddlers. The dihedral spine in the blades increase stiffness to reduce flutter and maximize efficiency with each stroke.

The shaft is available with either the standard 3-hole, snap-button ferrule (0° to 60° left and right feathering angles) or the advanced Posi-Lok system. The Posi-Lok is a composite, corrosion-resistant ferrule that clicks into position firmly with dual-button release and infinite feathering options. The shaft is also offered with regular or small shaft diameters and comes in five different lengths (210cm, 220cm, 230cm, 240cm, 250cm).

Note: The Eagle Ray Carbon is stocked exclusively with the Posi-Lok ferrule as it’s far superior to the snap-button system. Both regular and small shafts are available in-store.