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Delta - 16 Skeg


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Length (Standard)

16 ft


22 in


48 lb

Optimal Paddler Weight (Low)

140 lb

Optimal Paddler Weight (High)

240 lb


Delta Kayaks 16 Skeg

With smooth lines, impeccable detailing, and high gloss finish the Delta 16 kayak rivals any high-end composite kayak at a fraction of the price and with comparable weight. And it now comes complete with Delta Kayaks’ new Contoured Seat System, Press Lock Hatches, and convenient Low Profile Day Pod!

The cockpit rim has also been integrated into the mold during manufacturing in order to prevent separation which can occur on kayaks that have the rim added after they have been built – this means one less thing that can go wrong!

The Delta 16 kayak is the mid-sized kayak in their performance touring line of boats which includes the smaller 15s and the larger 17. Being in the middle of the pack, it’s no surprise that the Delta 16 fits a very wide range of paddler sizes (140 lbs – 240 lbs) and satisfies beginners with aspirations to those with intermediate to advanced skills.

"The Delta 16 kayak is ideally suited to satisfy a wide range of paddler skills from novice to advanced in the 140 lbs to 240 lbs range. If you’re looking for a fantastic lightweight Canadian made sea kayak that just happens to look great, is incredibly tough, and is priced hundreds less than most sea kayaks in its class…, I think you just found it!”

Paddler Fit

The Delta 16 kayak now comes equipped with Delta Kayaks' innovative Contour Seat System. This seat provides simple adjustability (4 inches) forward and aft both on and off the water giving you the right fit every time! However, for those with narrower hips, we suggest adding Delta’s Fit Kit Padding along the seat posts on either side.

The Delta 16 also includes perfectly placed padded thigh braces for secure contact points to improve bracing and control. Adjustable Seadog foot pedals offer a flexible fit for long-legged and short-legged paddlers alike. The contour seat system includes additional padding for even more comfort out on the water!

Kayak Efficiency and Maneuverability

At 16’ with sleek, narrow lines and a sharp, low entry point at the bow, the Delta 16 kayak accelerates quickly and achieves cruising speed with minimal effort. Combining a shallow vee hull design with moderate rocker enables the 16 to track very well even without the skeg deployed. Dropping the skeg will improve tracking but there is a slight sacrifice to speed and maneuverability.

With sharp lines and defined sides, the Delta 16 kayak edges beautifully to achieve a higher degree of maneuverability. The responsive edging of the Delta 16 means every stroke counts without an ounce of effort wasted! Novice paddlers will appreciate the challenge of skills development in this respect while intermediate to advance paddlers can enjoy the kayak’s playful side.

Kayak Stability

The Delta 16 kayak combines a shallow vee hull, moderate rocker, soft chine with definition, and control-fitting cockpit to provide a high degree of initial stability. Secondary stability is also rated as high due to the defined sides of the kayak – getting the 16 on edge has never been easier and you’ll look like a pro doing it (even if you aren’t)!

The moderate rocker of the 16 helps give the kayak lift in big water situations as opposed to plowing through the waves, which can negatively affect your stability.

Kayak Roll and Rescue

The slightly higher deck height of the Delta 16 kayak enables larger paddlers to easily exit the cockpit after an upset. A flat rear deck provides a great platform for self-rescues and reentries. Well placed curved bulkheads maximize strength, while minimizing the amount of water coming in into the cockpit area. Perfectly placed thigh braces combined with a seat that easily adjusts forward or aft to provide the custom ‘one-with-boat’ fit required to successfully ‘hip-flick’ and roll the kayak back upright.

Note: For a more effortless solo re-entry we recommend having our expert staff install Quick Release Self Rescue Straps ($69.95 upgrade that includes installation)


The Delta 16 kayak is ideally suited to satisfy a wide range of paddler skills from novice to advanced in the 140 lbs to 240 lbs range. If you’re looking for a fantastic nimble and light sea kayak that just happens to look great, is incredibly tough, and priced hundreds less than most sea kayaks in its class, I think you just found it in the Delta 16 kayaks with skeg!

Standard Features

Hatches: The Delta 16 kayaks with skeg has 3 innovative Press-Lock Thermoform Hatch Covers that remind us of 'Tupperware' that easily snaps press down into place to create an extremely watertight seal. The two large bow & stern hatches offer immense storage dry storage – this boat literally eats gear – often as much as many eighteen foot sea kayaks.

The new re-designed centre day pod provides convenient storage of small goods (GPS, Camera, Snacks) that are needed while on the water… pretty cool eh! 2 thermoform curved bulkheads separate the hatches to maximize storage, strength and add positive buoyancy.

Bow: 16.5″ / 42cm L x 11” / 28cm W
Stern: 20.5” / 26cm L x 14.25” / 26cm
Day: 8” / 20cm L x 8" x 20cm W.

Outfitting: A new 'Contour Seat System' is made from polyethylene to save precious weight, while having it tied into the crafts sidewalls provides the paddler with additional support and comfort.The CSS System adjusts forward & aft 4- inches to optimize paddler fit’ with the padded thigh braces. The padded seat pan is is self draining and the padded backrest adjusts up and down instantly.

The cockpit rim is now integrated directly into the thermoform construction process, which eliminates any possibility of future separation.

Note: Due to the lack of demand from consumers for compasses, Delta Kayaks decided to exclude the recessed compass mount in 2014. However, there are compasses available that simply strap onto the existing deck rigging of the kayak for easy mounting and removing!

Other features include:

  • 'Kink Free' Skeg system
  • Reflective perimeter safety lines, which are tied into the retractable carrying handles to eliminate loose deck rigging and cluttered lines
  • Molded in compass mount
  • Tamper-Proof locking / Towing Point
  • Comfort grip handles that stay warm
  • Proudly 100% Canadian made (Maple Ridge B.C.) using computer-assisted designs and a superior patented acrylic Solar*Kote Thermoform capstock which is virtually indestructible and UV protected
Additional Notes
  • With over 100 kayak model choices, Delta Kayaks’ 16 consistently ranks among 'Our Top-3 Best Sellers' year after year
  • The Delta 16 is also available with a SeaDog ‘Gas Pedal Style’ rudder system as opposed to the drop-down skeg
  • The Delta 16 kayak with Skeg come with a 3- Year Limited Warranty against defective materials or workmanship to the original owner