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Delta - 10AR


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Length (Standard)

10 ft


27 in


37 lb


14 in

Cockpit Opening

36 in

Optimal Paddler Weight (Low)

125 lb

Optimal Paddler Weight (High)

250 lb

Max Capacity

280 lb

Delta Kayaks 10AR

The Delta 10AR Kayak is a very uniquely designed recreational kayak that brings a whole new level of innovation and performance to this popular market segment. First introduced in 2010, the Delta 10AR kayak received a much needed face lift for the 2016 season with its larger sibling, the Delta 12AR, following close behind in 2017.

Delta's own Fusion Hull was created to meld the efficiency of a displacement hull with the stability of a catamaran hull. A V-shaped bow that transitions to the two pontoon style hull for a truly unique design unlike anything available on the market today!

The Delta 10AR was also upgraded to include the innovative Click & Lock Adjustable Contour Seat System. This simple yet effective seat provides adjustability forward and aft both on and off the water. Finding your fit in a Delta kayak has never been easier! The contour seat system includes additional padding for even more comfort out on the water! With its modified Catamaran style hull, the Delta 10AR kayak clips along with remarkable efficiency and agility while maintaining a very high degree of stability and maneuverability.

Without the excessive width of most recreational kayaks, the Delta 10AR is a dream to paddle almost anywhere you choose to go. It excels as a platform for fishing and photography and its lightweight and compact size make it an ideal choice to store on the deck of larger pleasure crafts.

"The Delta 10AR kayak is a very cool little 37 lb kayak. Its unique Catamaran style hull provides effortless paddling for a boat its mere 10- foot length!"

Standard Features

The Delta 10AR kayak boasts a massive rear dry storage compartment sealed by the integrated seat / bulkhead design and rear stowage hatch. This unique Delta feature also provides excellent buoyancy for your safety and piece of mind. Another Delta exclusive is the front under deck stowage pod sealed by a watertight screw on hatch to safely store your camera and other important personal items while adding even more flotation to the bow.

Other features include:

  • Reflective deck rigging
  • Self-Retracting Carry Handles
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Padded Contour Seat System
  • Interior Day Pod

Proudly made in Canada using computer-assisted designs and a superior patented acrylic Solar*Kote Thermoform capstock that offers a fabulous glossy finish. The benefit to this construction method is that it makes the boat virtually indestructible and UV protected.

The Delta Kayaks 10AR comes with a 3- Year Limited Warranty against defective materials or workmanship to the original owner.