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Dagger - Contour Hip Pads (L&R)

$50.96 $59.95

Dagger - Contour Hip Pads (L&R)

Replacement Dagger Contour Hip Pad set. Set of 2 Hip Pads only.
This is a Dark coloured version of the contour hip pad and has a pattern on the fabric.
This pattern is made up of Grey and red topographic contour lines with some map like text. The background fabric is black.

These pads measure approximately 18cm high x 16cm wide

This Hip pad is compatible with the fittings of a number of different brands, including some kayaks by Wilderness Systems, Wavesport, Pyrhana P&H amongst others.

Hip pads secure with ladderlock buckles on 19mm (3/4″) webbing.
Pads have shim pockets to allow them to be adjusted in volume and shape (foam shims not included in this version).
Pockets secure with Velcro.