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Council Tool - Wood-Craft 1.7lb Camp Carver Axe


Council Tool Wood-Craft 1.7lb Camp Carver Axe

Designed as the go-to versatile camp axe., the new Council Tool Camp Carver can scrape, shave, slice, cleave, chop, carve, fell, limb, buck, split, pound… and light your fire.

It’s nimble 1.6 lb head is drop forged from 5160 steel and features a swept toe for carving with an ergonomic cutout for a smooth and comfortable choke up when direct force inline with the center of the blade is needed.

The bit is a 25 degree flat grind, heat treated and out of the box sharp ready to cut with a heat treated poll ready to strike. The Wood Craft Camp Carver comes with a premium welted leather mask.