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Canoe For Change; A Journey Across Canada


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Canoe For Change; A Journey Across Canada

 Imagine taking on the challenge of a cross-Canada canoe adventure: to live outdoors for months at a time, to embark on your destination knowing you have 8,515 kilometers ahead of you to paddle.

Canoe for Change is the story of husband-and-wife team Glenn Green and Carol VandenEngel who took on this gift and privilege to see Canada from thousand-year-old water trails and form connections to nature that many have lost.

Traversing through oceans, rivers, lakes and creeks, the couple completed a three-year paddle across Canada from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. Maneuvering tidal currents, high winds and waves, pulling their canoe over the Rocky Mountains, paddling through badlands, seeing wolves and bears on remote shorelines, they experienced Canada’s natural beauty from the water’s edge. Along the way, they found perseverance, companionship and self-discovery.

In exploring this great land full of amazing diversity, one of their most remarkable memories is of the friendliness, kindness and generosity bestowed upon them by their fellow Canadians. Listen to the sound the paddle makes as it dips into the water and taste true freedom…after all, it is not a race but a retirement cruise.

Outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers will find fascination and inspiration in Canoe for Change, while travelers and paddlers looking for a new way to see Canada will find helpful information about routes, equipment and logistics.