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RBW - 60L Barrel

$108.95 $144.95

Recreational Barrel Works 60L Bear Barrel

The 60L bear barrel from Barrel Works is ideal for back-country camping in order to keep raccoons, bears, and other pesky animals out of your food rations.

Fits snugly in more canoes for those who paddle into their camping sites, but the 60L Bear Barrel is also compatible with the Level Six Bad Hass Barrel Harness and the NRS Barrel Harness for those who are hiking into their sites.

The 60L Bear Barrel features a secure leave-lock lid that keeps both animals and water out. Two external carry handles are found on the sides for easy carrying.

Also available in the smaller 30L Model.


  • Size: 63H x 39L x 39W (centimeters) – 24.75H x 16L x 16W (inches)
  • Max circumference: 125 cm – 49.25 in
  • Weight: 8 lbs – 3.6 kg