Perception - Pescador 12.0

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The Pescador 12.0 from Perception Kayaks is a super stable sit-on-top kayak that's great for recreational paddling and lazy days on the calm water. And a great price, it offers amazing value for anglers, photographers, and those new to kayaking.
Weight 64 lbs
Length 12"
Width 32.5"
Cockpit Length NA
Cockpit Depth Front 14.5"
Cockpit Depth Stern NA
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low) 120 lbs
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 275 lbs
Kayak Shape Swede Form
Hull Design Flat w/ Inverted Keel
Rocker Slight
Chine Multi
Rudder/Skeg NA
Bow Hatch Volume
Stern Hatch Volume
Day Hatch Volume
Total Hatch Volume

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Perception Kayaks Pescador 12.0

The Pescador 12.0 sit-on-top kayak is the original model in the series that includes the Pescador Pro 12.0 and Pescador Pilot 12.0. It's designed as the most accessible and value-priced option for beginners, photographers, and anglers.

With unmatched stability and great tracking for a recreational kayak, the Pescador 12.0 is fun for exploring calm lakes, ponds, and lazy rivers.

Anglers set their hooks into the Pescador with its spacious open storage, covered dry storage, and two rod holders. Multiple gear tracks and recessed solo mounts—which fits Perception's Rod X Pro holder perfectly—allow you to customize your set up with camera and phone mounts, fish finders, coffee mug or water bottle holders, and lighting accessories.

The Pescador’s seat is fairly basic but it does include thick ergonomic padding and an adjustable seat back for personalized support. For those wanting increased comfort, the Pescador Pro 12.0 is a better option—but it is a slightly more expensive model.

The longer length of the Pescador 12.0 outperforms the smaller 10.0 model while remaining maneuverable. Paddlers are offered improved glide, additional cargo space, and rock-solid stability allowing you to make the most of their recreational adventures! 

Standard Features

  • Durable stern skid plate for strength against being dragged in and out of the water
  • Larger rear tankwell that accommodates milk crates, 5 liter pails, and Perception's Splash Tankwell or Kayak Crate
  • Tankwell bungee rigging to secure bags, crates, and pails 
  • Paddle holder for hands-free fishing and photography
  • Two 12" gear tracks for mounting accessories  
  • Rigid hinged hatch lid at the bow for watertight gear storage 
  • Molded hand holds bow and stern as well as along the sides for easy transport 

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