Perception Kayaks - Crank 10.0

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The Crank 10.0 from Perception Kayaks is an economically friendly pedal driven kayak that's fun and easy to use. The new and improved pedal drive provides powerful and efficient propulsion, while the boat is incredibly stable and maneuverable.
Length (Standard) 10"
Width 35"
Weight 87 lbs
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low) 100 lbs
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 225 lbs
Max Capacity 350 lbs

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Perception Kayaks Crank 10.0

2020 In-stock DEMO on sale! 

The Crank 10.0 from Perception Kayaks is a complimentary boat to their original pedal driven kayak, the Pescador Pilot 12.0

This compact sit-on-top kayak is perfect for fishing, photography, or leisurely paddling—or pedaling—on lakes, ponds, and sheltered bays. It's ample width and flat hull offer rock-solid stability, while the new and improved pedal drive offers powerful and efficient propulsion. 

Perception's pedal drive system features a 6:1 gear ratio for smooth pedaling forward and reverse. The housing is upgraded to eliminate drag and protect the drive when it's in the stowed position. 

Despite only being 10' long, the Crank covers a lot of ground surprisingly fast—it really packs a punch in a small and manageable package that makes on-water adventures more accessible to everyone! 

The Perception Crank incorporates fresh design aesthetic with incredibly comfortable ergonomics while providing plenty of space for rigging aftermarket accessories such as rod holders and camera mounts.

Two Solo Mount recesses come standard and easily access given the stability of the boat, while the Captain's Chair seating system features a high back for total support and the comfort to match!

Standard Features

  • Efficient and easy to use pedal drive system
  • Folding, adjustable and removable Captain's Chair
  • One-handed intuitive rudder control
  • Transducer scupper in hull for fish finders
  • Front and rear storage areas with bungee lashing to secure gear
  • Two molded solo mount recesses—Perception's Rod X Pro holders fit perfectly
  • One-piece rigid carry handles on front and rear including molded side handles for easy transport
  • Side paddle park for hands-free fishing and photography 

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