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Cold-Water Paddling Frequently Asked Questions

Stay Dry

Dry suits provide the ultimate protection, but they aren't always comfortable and can be outside of some budgets. Dry tops and dry pants can be a great alternative, and 'comfort-neck' options exist for those willing to sacrifice some full-immersion protection.

Stay Warm

Staying warm on the water can be difficult, but neoprene and extra layers can help! Which one is best? It depends on how you're enjoying the water. The videos presented here may hold your answer, or you can contact us, and our expert staff can help you make a more informed decision.

Stay Afloat

With all those extra layers on, you may ask - will I still float with a PFD? Dry wear that's properly performing, will trap some air inside making you more buoyant. But even if that fails - yes - a PFD in good condition will keep you afloat.