Impex - Mystic 14 Fiberglass

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Canadian made Mystic 14 is designed with an improved composite layup to shed a few pounds on the weight of the kayak. It's a proven winner that is specifically designed to satisfy smaller paddler's in the 95 lbs – 140 lbs range. Despite its small size, th
Weight 0
Length 14' 0"
Width 21.5 inches
Cockpit Length 30" L x 16" W
Cockpit Depth Front 10.5" I.D. / 11.5" O.D.
Cockpit Depth Stern 7.75" I.D. / 8.7" O.D.
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low) 95 lbs
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 140 lbs
Kayak Shape Symmetrical
Hull Design Shallow Vee
Rocker Moderate
Chine Soft Chine
Rudder/Skeg Skeg
Bow Hatch Volume 9 U.S. Gal.
Stern Hatch Volume 16 U.S. Gal.
Day Hatch Volume n/a
Total Hatch Volume 25 U.S. Gal.

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Impex Mystic 14 Kayak Review

In today's kayak industry, more and more companies are building boats that are designed to fit 'the masses'. Unfortunately, this results in far fewer options for extra small and small paddlers. This is why were so excited about the return of the Impex Kayaks Mystic 14! It's a proven winner that is specifically designed to satisfy smaller paddler's in the 95 lbs – 140 lbs range.

In 2017, Impex has improved their composite layups in order to shed a few pounds on the weight of the Mystic 14. Less layers of material are used on the deck in high strength areas such as where the bulkheads are located. By doing so, Impex has been able to make the Mystic even lighter without hindering the strength and integrity of the kayak! Recessed screws have also been incorporated in the installation of the foot pegs for a cleaner finish. 

On the water, Impex Kayaks Mystic 14 quickly achieves an efficient cruising speed so you can keep up with 'the big-boy's without breaking a sweat. Its narrow 21.5" width and low deck height means smaller paddlers won't be banging knuckles like you would in all aforementioned boats design for the masses. A smaller, shallower cockpit enables paddlers to attain the 'one with boat fit' that is essential to learn and then refine your kayaking skills. A low back band provides good back support while staying low enough as to 'NOT' hinder a low angle, torso twist, paddle stroke.

Technically, a 14' kayak is a tad to short to be listed as a Performance / Sea Kayak; however, we made an exception for Impex Kayaks Mystic 14 as it can handle just about every conceivable paddling condition you can throw at it! Its tracking (ability to paddle straight) is very good, while its moderately rockered (curved) hull enables effortless turns and a playfulness not found in longer kayaks.    

Lightweight bow and stern VCP style rubber hatches and vertical composite bulkheads will keep your gear dry, while retaining lots of positive buoyancy. Robust sea kayak quality deck rigging, reflective rescue lines, a drop down adjustable skeg, and both in-water rescue and easy carry handles completes the outfitting on this dynamite little kayak.   

"Smaller Beginner and Intermediate Paddler's seeking a lightweight quality Canadian made kayak that actually fits them should put Impex Kayaks Mystic 14 at the top of their Wish List. It's a big performance kayak in a small kayak package!"

Standard Features

  • Lightweight Sealectdesigns Bow & Stern Hatches
  • Bow & Stern Translucent Bulkheads
  • Drop Down Adjustable Skeg w' Tether
  • Deck Compass Mount (compass not included) 
  • Padded Quick Dry Seat Pan
  • Padded Thighbraces
  • 'On Demand' Adjustable Backband
  • Easy Adjust Footbrace System
  • Expedition Quality Deck Rigging
  • Bow & Stern In-Water Rescue Handles
  • Bow and Stern Easy Carry Handles