Impex - Montauk 16 Fiberglass

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Canadian made Impex Kayaks Montauk 16 is a longer, slightly wider version of it's smaller Mystic 14 sibling and is the second smallest craft in their four boat Sea / Performance Series that also includes the larger Currituck 17 and Assateague 17/10. Impex
Weight 0
Length 16'0"
Width 22 inches
Cockpit Length 30" L x 16"W
Cockpit Depth Front 11" I.D. / 12.2" O.D.
Cockpit Depth Stern 9" I.D. / 10.2" O.D.
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low) 120
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 170
Kayak Shape Symmetrical
Hull Design Shallow Arch
Rocker Moderate
Chine Soft Chine
Rudder/Skeg Skeg
Bow Hatch Volume 11 U.S. Gal
Stern Hatch Volume 14 U.S. Gal.
Day Hatch Volume 7 U.S. Gal.
Total Hatch Volume 32 U.S. Gal.

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Impex Kayaks Montauk 16 Kayak Review 

Canadian made Impex Kayaks Montauk 16 is a longer, slightly wider version of it's smaller Mystic 14 sibling and is the second smallest craft in their four boat Sea / Performance Series that also includes the larger Currituck 17 and Assateague 17/10.

In 2017, Impex has improved their layups in order to shed a few pounds on the weight of the Montauk 16. Less layers of material are used on the deck in high strength areas such as where the bulkheads are located. By doing so, Impex has been able to make the Montauk even lighter without hindering the strength and integrity of the kayak! Recessed screws have also been incorporated in the installation of the foot pegs for a cleaner finish. 

Impex Kayaks Montauk 16 is ideally suited for small- to medium-sized paddlers in the 120 lbs – 170 lbs range who 'want a little more' length and capacity and the Montauk delivers in spades. Its extenuated waterline and ridge composite shallow vee hull translates into greater efficiency, more effortless glide, and improved tracking (the ability to go straight). Smaller paddlers love the Montauk's narrow beam and low-profile as it's fast enough to keep up and even blow past many performance/ sea kayaks that are longer in size! 

Impex Kayaks Montauk 16 features a moderately rockered shallow vee hull and soft chined sides combine to provide a degree of playfulness, big-water performance and long term skills development. We rate the crafts initial stability as 'good' and it's secondary stability as 'solid'. A Full sized VCP style bow and stern hatch gobble up enough gear for extended trips, while the addition of a rear day hatch provides organized on water access to those often used items. Robust sea kayak quality deck rigging, reflective rescue lines, a drop down adjustable skeg, and both in-water rescue and easy carry handles completes the outfitting.

 Abitibi & Co's Impex Kayaks Montauk 16 may be a perfect solution for smaller paddlers seeking 'just a little more boat'. Newcomers are inspired by it's predictability and potential for skills development, while more skilled kayakers paddlers are delighted by it's versatility.

Standard Features

  • Sealectdesigns VCP Style Bow & Stern Hatches
  • Sealectdesigns VCP Style 8" Rear Day Hatch
  • Bow, Stern & Day Hatch Translucent Bulkheads 
  • Drop Down Adjustable Skeg w' Tether
  • Recessed Nexus 70P Compass Mount (compass not included)
  • Padded Quick Dry Seat Pan
  • Padded Integrated Thighbraces
  • Easy Adjust Footbrace System 
  • 'On Demand' Adjustable Backband 
  • Expedition Quality Deck Rigging
  • Bow & Stern In-Water Rescue Handles
  • Bow and Stern Easy Carry Handles