Jackson Kayak - Big Rig HD

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Recently upgraded with a few design refinements and additional features, the Big Rig HD can now be easily upgraded with Jackson’s innovative Flex Drive pedal system.
Length (Standard) 13' 3"
Width 40"
Weight 145 lbs
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low) 175 lbs
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 400 lbs
Max Capacity 550 lbs

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Jackson Kayak Big Rig HD 13/3 Kayak Review

The Big Rig HD 13/3 is one of a Jackson Kayak’s most popular fishing kayaks.

Recently upgraded with a few design refinements and additional features, the Big Rig HD can now be easily upgraded with Jackson’s innovative Flex Drive pedal system. What’s even better is that it is also becomes compatible with their E-Drive trolling motor so you’re able to interchange the units whenever you want.

With forward and reverse capabilities, the Flex Drive’s unique design features an articulated shaft that protects the prop when paddling in shallow water or near submerged obstacles. The design also provides an easy way to clean away weeds or debris as the hinged prop cover is located directly in front of the seat for easy access. This means you don’t have to remove or raise the Flex Drive in order to clean it, nor do you have to get off the water as it can be done on the fly!

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As the name suggests, the Big Rig offers a massive platform for unparalleled stability allowing you to stand and cast or simply to get up and stretch your legs. The keel has been elongated to improve the tracking and efficiency when paddling, pedaling, or motoring all while retaining the user-friendliness the kayak is known for.

An incredible amount of storage is provided with the rod troughs widened on either side and the tip protectors being increased from two to four. Tank wells both bow and stern are complete with hinged covers, while the bow includes a hatch bin to prevent items from rolling to the back of the boat while you’re on the water. Given the hollow, sit-on-top nature of the Big Rig HD, storage is also offered throughout the whole boat for overnight adventures or fishing tournaments.

foot-controlled rudder system comes standard on the Big Rig HD and is integrated into the hull for a seamless finish. When upgraded to the pedal drive system, the rudder is then controlled using the hand unit. The E-Drive rudder controls are swapped back to the foot pegs in order to provide a completely hands-free experience while motoring along or trolling.

Standard Features
  • Hi-Lo Ergo Seat Frame with MOLLE System for infinite trim adjustments and superior comfort
  • MOLLE Snap-Back Seat Pouch for additional gear storage
  • Sliding Stash Tray beneath the seat that’s great for quick access to lures and other small items
  • YakAttack gear tracks for customized accessory mounts
  • Omega rod holder complete with track mount
  • Two adjustable rod stagers and molded fly reel pockets
  • Two flush mount rod holders
  • Adjustable rear bungee rigging
  • Self-draining scupper holes that also work great for housing a fish finder transducer
  • Rod-friendly deck geometry allows you to confidently set your rod down without damage
  • Heavy duty carry handles bow and stern

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