Helle - Nying Knife

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Awarded the Classic Award for Design Excellence from the Norwegian Design Council, this compact fishing knife is one of Helle’s most popular models with over 1 million sold. It features a good gripped curly birch handle, and a triple laminated stainless s
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HELLE Nying Knife

The Helle Nying is maybe our most classic Helle knife. Short and stubby, and with a distinct design like no other. Some consider it to be ugly, but for the many who use it is a loved tool for long carving sessions by the campfire.

The Helle Nying has been awarded for its unique and classic design, just as much as it has been rejected by many. Still it is one of our true, long term friends to bring on the belt. Proudly in production at Helle since 1977 and made in more than 1 million copies, which is a lot for a small factory like Helle.

The handle is generously proportioned to give a good grip and control over the blade. A slight fingerguard to guide your hand to a safe handle position, even if held close to the blade. This is a knife used for quality time and carving.

Nying comes in an attractive leather sheath that has a design cutout with the resemblance of fire flames. Fitted with a keeper strap that engages on the stud on the knife pommel. A suspension strap of leather keeps it dangling on your belt Norwegian style.


Specifications Nying
Weight 74 g
Blade material Triple laminated Helle steel, stainless
Blade thickness 2,7 mm
Blade length 70 mm
Blade construction Stick tang
Handle material Curly birch
Handle length 90 mm
Sheath material Genuine leather
Design by Tor Indergaard
Design year 1998


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