Helle - Eggen Knife

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Eggen means ' the edge' ; also commonly used as a word meaning the ridges of a mountain. A very versatile knife which features a wide blade and pronounced finger guard. Curly birch handle designed with medium and larger hands in mind. Can be used for both


HELLE Eggen Knife

Eggen has a beautiful handle, crafted out of one piece of selected curly birch, sanded and polished to a satin finish. The well-shaped handle finishes off towards the blade with a well-proportioned finger guard for safety.

The triple laminated stainless-steel blade has a slight drop point shape and a classic scandi grind. Hand sharpened and polished to give it that extra edge right out of the box.

The Eggen knife is one of the staff favorites and also a favorite of many users around the world. This is as a true all-round knife, recommended for a wide range of tasks. 

Delivered with a sheath of genuine high-quality leather and a belt loop for secure carry on the belt.


Specifications Eggen
Weight 120 g
Blade material Triple Laminated Helle stainless steel
Blade thickness 3,1 mm
Blade length 101 mm
Blade construction Stick tang
Handle material Curly birch
Handle length 110 mm
Sheath material Genuine leather
Design by Gunnar Lothe
Design year 1998

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