H2O - Pack 12 - Pro Carbon Package

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H2O Pack 12 - Pro Carbon Package

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The Pack 12 canoe is our mid-size Pack Canoe suiting just about anyone who can reach over the edge. The Pack 12 runs straight and true with ease. The Pack 12 features a comfortable, padded Carbon Fiber seat support & kayak style adjustable foot braces. With room for some gear it is a fantastic getaway vessel for a day or more. Detachable yoke optional.


Length 12'


Max Width 26.5"


Max Gunwale Width 25.5"


Height - Bow / Centre / Stern 13" / 10.5" / 11.5"


Waterline Width 24.5"


Bow Rocker 1"


Stern Rocker .5"


Optimum Load 100 - 240lb


Max Load 350lb

Please note: Some stock items may be outfitted with additional add-ons that could affect the price; image above includes the two tone add-on.


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