Gear Aid - Revivex - Down Cleaner 10oz

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Unlike household laundry soaps, this specialized formula cleans down-filled gear without harmful detergents. It restores loft and warmth to down-filled clothing and sleeping bags.
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Gear Aid - Revivex - Down Cleaner 296ml (10oz)

Wash down jackets, vests and sleeping bags at home with Revivex Down Cleaner. Restore loft and preserve the natural oils in down gear so it continues to keep the cold out. Just one wash per season will keep down gear fresh, lofty and warm. It will also gently clean technical shell fabrics and high-tech insulation. With Revivex Down Cleaner it's easy to take care of down gear and bring back its former fluffy glory.

• Gentle Cleaner – Water-based formula is safe to use on all down garments and gear; keeping it clean naturally
• Maximizes Loft – Enhances performance of down insulation and water repellent treated down like DownTek insulation for continued warmth and comfort
• Concentrated – One 10 fl oz pouch cleans up to 10 jackets or 5 sleeping bags for an economical solution to maintaining down gear
• Fragrance-Free – No added perfumes, softeners or optical brighteners that hinder performance
• Multipurpose – Use it to restore loft to sleeping bags, coats, vests, booties, or parkas with down blends or treated down.

• Size: 10 fl oz
• Uses: 10 jackets or 5 sleeping bags
• Applications: spot clean, hand wash or machine wash
• Biodegradable: yes
• Fragrance-Free: yes
• HE Compatible: yes
• Made in USA.

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