Delta Kayaks Traverse 17.5T

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The Traverse 17.5T is a completely revamped version of Delta's former 20T with shorter length and added width to increase versatility and make it easier to manage.
Weight 70
Length 17' 5"
Width 27.25 inches
Cockpit Length 32 inches L x 17 Inches W
Cockpit Depth Front 13.5 inches
Cockpit Depth Stern 0
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low) 150 lbs
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 470 lbs
Kayak Shape Symmetrical
Hull Design Moderate Vee
Rocker Moderate
Chine Soft w/definition
Rudder/Skeg Rudder
Bow Hatch Volume 15 U.S. Gal.
Stern Hatch Volume 32 U.S. Gal.
Day Hatch Volume 9 U.S. Gal.
Total Hatch Volume 56 U.S. Gal.

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Delta Kayaks Traverse 17.5T Kayak Review

The Delta Kayak Traverse 17.5T made its debut to our line of tandem kayaks in 2017 and was received with immense popularity! 

The Traverse 17.5T is a completely revamped version of Delta's former 20T with shorter length and added width to increase versatility and make it easier to manageIdeal for beginners or intermediate paddlers, Delta Kayaks Traverse 17.5T has the same exceptional stability as the 20T, and the additional maneuverability has little effect to the boat's ability to track straight.  

Delta Kayaks Traverse 17.5T comes standard with Delta's SeaDog gas pedal-style rudder system for complete control in adverse conditions without having to sacrifice your brace. Finding a proper fit in the 17.5T is a cinch with the Contour II Comfort Seat System offering multi-adjustments with four positions on the pan and back rest for optimal comfort and support no matter your size!

Note: To improve your fit within the cockpit even more and increase control over the boat, we suggest installing Delta's Contour Hip Pad Fit Kit ($59.95 + tax – installation included).

Built with Delta's premium SolarKote Thermoform material, Delta Kayaks Traverse 17.5T is considered one of the lightest tandem boats available on the market! U.V protection within the material keeps the boat's looking new even if it's stored outdoors, while the nature of thermoform is virtually indestructible against impacts and resistant to gouging. 

Complete for four bulkheads and watertight hatches, Delta Kayaks Traverse 17.5T has enough gear capacity for extended excursions, while the positive buoyancy and full deck rigging and perimeter lines provide second-to-none safety. Bulkheads are also curved to assist drainage after a rescue, and the rear deck is low enough to enhance lay-back rolls and make self-rescues easier. 

Note: The dual bungee aft of the cockpit aids in a paddle float rescue, but we highly recommend installing a proper set of quick-release, self-rescue straps ($69.95 + tax – installation included). Not sure what quick-release, self-rescue straps are, Contact Us today to learn more!

Lightweight, maneuverable, and tough as nails, Delta Kayaks Traverse 17.5T is an excellent choice for couples, families, explorers, and tour operators looking for a reliable, performance-oriented tandem!”

Standard Features
  • Comprehensive Deck Rigging with Perimeter Lines
  • Self-Retracting Comfort Handles
  • SeaDog Gas Pedal Rudder
  • Contour II Seat System
  • Press-Lock Hatch Covers
  • Three Year Limited Warranty against defective materials or workmanship to the original owner


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