Scott - Deep Dish Portage Yoke (Teal)

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The Teal Portage Yoke is of the highest quality and comfort available in a yoke.

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Teal Deep Dish Portage Yoke

The center is scooped out to fit comfortably around the neck, which makes carrying a canoe a pleasure.  They also shallow out a recess in the middle of the yoke to accommodate the neck vertebrae.  Made of solid ash.


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13 Nov 2021
Bruce A.
I've had Teal deep dish yokes on my canoes since the early 90's. I had to search them out again to replace on a boat. Nothing I've seen comes close to this design and quality.
The new ones are almost exactly the same shape but slightly beefier which some might argue provided a more supple carrying experience, much like a flexing paddle or hockey stick gives a particular feel. However, I believe this may be a better way to have things for structure and support. I've leaned heavily on my earlier Teal yokes and thought not to put full weight on them. This updated version has stronger "shoulders" and looks fantastic while remaining true to the original ergonomic shape.
The customer service at Frontenac Outfitters was terrific! Knowledgeable and great to deal with. Thanks! Very happy with my new yoke!