Dagger - Zydeco 9.0

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Weight 36.5 lbs
Length 9'1"
Width 28.5"
Cockpit Length 38.3"
Cockpit Depth Front 14.25"
Cockpit Depth Stern 0
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low)
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 180 lbs
Kayak Shape
Hull Design
Rudder/Skeg N/A
Bow Hatch Volume
Stern Hatch Volume
Day Hatch Volume
Total Hatch Volume

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Dagger Kayaks Zydeco 9


The current Zydeco design offers more maneuverability and faster acceleration than ever before. You'll also enjoy premium features not found in average recreational kayaks.

The Zydeco 9.0 offers a comfortable but dialed-in cockpit design that's roomy enough for relaxation without sacrificing the performance capabilities offered by smaller cockpits.

The CFS-R outfitting rounds out the experience with amazing comfort and multi-adjust options for better fit and function.As the more compact of the new Zydeco family, the 9.0 is lightweight for easier carrying and car-topping, while the shorter length offers increased control for twisty environments. And the super-sleek aesthetic looks great on both the roof and river.

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