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Scott - Echo 14' - Fiberglass


Scott Canoe Echo 14' - Fiberglass

Hit the road, the canoe strapped to the roof. Drive until you’re deep in the woods, then set off for a hike to the lake you can never approach without a deep breath and a smile. Whether it’s a weekend portaging trip or an early morning paddle around the lake, you’ll be impressed by the responsiveness of the Echo 14. One of our more contemporary designs, it has a small added keel to reduce drift in windy conditions. For portaging, the Echo’s Kevlar laminate is a fantastic choice. If you’re launching from the dock, you’ll never be disappointed by the Echo.



  • Standard yoke;
  • Ash suspended seat;
  • 5-year warranty;
  • Handcrafted in Canada.


  • Types of activities: Cottage life and yachting (1–2 seater)
  • Key characteristics: Perfect for the cottage and to introduce you to the pleasures of canoeing, provides good stability and a most pleasant experience for your outings of a few hours.


Length 14'
Width 35"
Waterline width 34"
Center depth 13.25"
Bow height 20"
Stern height 20"
Maximum capacity (lbs) 650
Rocker 1,25"

Fibreglass (lbs)