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Why buy in Canada is a question we are faced with more and more from our U.S. neighbours. The simple answer is that with the Canadian dollar at its lowest level in years, our U.S. customers have more reasons than ever to Shop and Save on Paddlesports with Us!


What is the exchange rate between Canada & the United States?

The exchange rate between countries fluctuates daily; however, a rough estimate given the current value is every United States Dollar (USD) is worth about $1.30 Canadian (CAD).  This means your hard earned dollars are worth about 30% more by purchasing in Canada…, so SAVE YOUR MONEY!

Why is the exchange rate given by Canadian businesses often a bit less?  

That’s easy! Canadian Banks charge us an average of 3% to exchange USD back into CAD funds. A Similar 3% is lost to U.S. credit cards. This is why if the exchange rate is 1.30% we will offer our U.S. customers an exchange rate of 1.27%.

Example: Delta Kayak 17 Retails @ $2495.00 (USD) in the United States

The same Delta Kayak Retails @ $2565.00 (CAD) in Canada. Now divide $2565 (CAD) by our estimated 1.27% exchange rate to = $2019.69 (USD)

This U.S. customer would save a whopping $475.31 (USD).

‘Now think of the HUGE SAVINGS if you were buying 2- boats and paddling gear’

For current exchange rates and currency conversions, please Click Here for further reference! 

What Canadian taxes must I pay? 

Ontario has a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) of 13%, which we must charge by law on everything we retail. FYI: the NY States sales tax combined with local municipal tax is 8.875%, which is only about 4% less.

As an American, can I avoid paying Canadian taxes?

In short, no, with one exception. Our HST tax can be reduced from 13% to 8% only if we ship goods from Canada to the United States. That said, we strongly do ‘NOT’ recommend this alternative as your shipping and customs clearance charges and the high potential for significant freight damage ‘WILL COST YOU MORE’ than if you simply paid the 13% HST. 

Can I get the Canadian taxes I paid refunded?

Programs whereby U.S. customers could get their Canadian tax monies refunded existed at one time but was cancelled years ago. FYI: we Canadians do not get our U.S. tax monies paid refunded either.

Will I have to pay duty on my purchases at the border?

Good news, no! Under the North American Free Trade Act (NFTA) there are 0% duties owing on Kayaks / Canoes / Stand Up Paddleboards & related Gear items purchased between countries.

Is it a border hassle to bring my boats & paddling gear home?  

Nope! We promise it’s a hassle free experience! All you need is your paid invoice and your receipt.

How far is Frontenac Outfitters from the U.S.?

Our unique waterfront paddlesports centre is an easy 1/2 hour drive north west of the NY. State HWY# 81 and the Thousand Islands Bridge crossing.

Do You Ship to the United States?

We do ‘NOT’ ship Kayaks, Canoes or SUP’s to the United States or within Canada for two reasons:

First, commercial carriers rate of shipping damage and potential liability is extremely high, which means the to ourselves & our customers is to great to justify.
Secondly, our expertise & on-water exceptional customer service has helped us thrive for over 3- decades. Shipping boats ‘without folks having fun & test-paddling’ simply isn’t what our business is all about! 

It’s to bad you’re so far away!

Not really. We attract folks to our location from an 800 to 1000 mile one-way driving radius weekly in season who want to ‘Do it Right’. They appreciate the vastly superior customer service, expertise, and the natural on-water test-paddling experience we provide. One of North America’s best selections of kayaks, canoes and stand up paddle boards helps too! 

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