Why Buy a Kayak?

Why Buy A Kayak?

Why buy a kayak when every time we turn on the TV these days all we seem to here about is doom & gloom. Job security, RRSP’s, Pension Plans, the stock market aaaah! Now more than ever, folks need ways to get away from life’s stresses. Here’s 10- Reason’s why a Canoe or Kayak is a great choice:


1) Stress Relief

Paddling provides freedom from the anxieties of modern daily living

2) Solitude & Tranquility

Rejuvenate yourself, paddling is therapy for mind, body & soul

3) Physical Fitness

Kayaking & canoeing is a wonderful, low impact, physical workout

4) Quality Family time

Recapture those  ‘back to basics’ family outings

5) Eco-Friendly

Leave no footprint, choose a more environmentally friendly alternative

6) Become One with Nature

Unobtrusive to wildlife, become a part of nature, instead of competing against it


Why Buy A Kayak?



7) See Amazing Places

Go where most people & boats can never go; shallow waters, swamps, get-a-ways close to home

8) Great Social Network

Attracts like minded positive, environmentally conscious, outdoorsy people

9) Its Inexpensive

$0.00 per litre for life! And with low maintenance & storage costs, think about all the $$$ you’ll save

10) Best of All

We almost forgot, the more you paddle um’ … the healthier n’ better looking you get!


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