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Kayaking is one of the fastest growing sports in North AmericaTime magazine recently reported. The sport has grown to nearly 8 million regularly active participants in the U.S. alone according to the National Sporting Goods Association ( This growth marks in increase from 3.5 million only 10 years ago. with numbers almost evenly split between males (55%) and females (45%).

Note: Within the sport’s user groups, women are the fastest growing segment. Click Here to find out why.

There are a number of reasons for this growth according to the experts. Industry leaders are quick to highlight that even a complete novice can get into a kayak and in a very short time reach a level of competence that leaves them with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. The learning curve is thus very steep and very rewarding.

Kayak technology is advancing quite rapidly too, and this is also making the sport more appealing. The new kayaks are lighter and easier to carry, handle, maneuver and transport. They also come with many user friendly features such as on-board storage, tie down straps, comfortable seats and some with foot operated rudders or skegs for ease of steering.

Another reason for the growing popularity is simply the appeal of the sport itself. Kayak enthusiasts point out the joy experienced in the solitude and quietness of a kayak voyage. Others highlight the fact that it is a sport that is readily combined with other popular pastimes including photography, fitness, hiking, camping, fishing and socializing.


Kayak outfitters and sports shops can also be credited with the recent success of the sport as many take a very active roll in introducing customers to the sport and providing free introductory training. Many – Frontenac Outfitters included – follow up with more organized activities such as tours and skill development courses & seminars.

Note: Frontenac Outfitters Canoe & Kayak Centre is proud to be a true leader in this fast growing sport. We have been introducing people to the world of kayaking – the right way – on the water since 1984!

Although most kayaks sold are single person models, the sport is often described as a group sport. Kayak clubs are springing up all over and organizing training clinics, festivals and group outings. So it is really a solo sport that is easily enjoyed in a group setting!

There is also a wide spectrum of kayaking sports. Many people may initially think of white water kayaking which is actually at the extreme end of the spectrum and only appeals to a relatively small segment of the market. Most paddling enthusiasts actually choose the less extreme recreational, day touring, sea kayaking and fishing kayak scene.

Christine & Larry Showler and the rest of the Frontenac Outfitters Team invite you to visit our unique Paddlesports Centre and would love to show you more about kayaking. Make the short trip to Frontenac Outfitters and try some out first hand.

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