Frontenac Park Fees

As a “semi wilderness park” paying Frontenac Provincial Park Fees allows the park to continue to offer outdoor enthusiasts a different recreational experience in southern Ontario with canoeing, kayaking, hiking, backpacking, interior camping, cross country skiing, and snow shoeing to mention a few. The terrain is fairly rugged as the park is situated on the Canadian Shield. It comprises almost 13,000 acres (52 square km) of nature with 22 lakes, 48 interior campsites, and 160 km’s of hiking and backpacking trails. The Park is open all year therefore permit fees are charged year round.

The region including Frontenac Park was recently designated by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve “one of the most significant landscapes on earth.” Referred to as the “Frontenac Biosphere Reserve” – it is one of 15 reserves in Canada, 1 of 4 in Ontario.

Frontenac Park Fees – Per Day

For any day use activities, including: hiking, canoeing, kayaking, cross country skiing, picnics, walks and bringing any vehicle or vessel into the park, or for ‘drop offs’

  1. $14.50 per vehicle
  2. $11.50 per senior citizen vehicle
  3. $7.25 per vehicle for youth groups or disabled persons

Frontenac Park Fees – Seasonal Permits

For day use purposes at any Provincial Provincial Park in Ontario

  1. $175.00 Annual Day Pass – good from April 01/16 to March 31/16
  2. $125 Summer Day Pass – good from April 01/16 to November 30/16
  3. $85 Winter Day Pass – good from December 01/16 to March 31/16

Interior Camping

All persons who will be interior camping in Frontenac Provincial Park must be in possession of a valid interior camping permit and registered on that permit. You must stay at the campsites that you are registered for that are printed on your permit for the same corresponding nights. All permits must be purchased/picked up at the Park Office prior to entry into the park.

Interior Camping involves canoeing or backpacking to the site, or in the winter snowshoeing or skiing to the sites. No motorized or mechanized travel is permitted.

To make a reservation for interior sites for camping from May 2nd through October 30th, you would call the toll free Reservation Number:1-888-668-7275

For route planning assistance or for campsite vacancies call Frontenac Park: 1-613-376-3489

Frontenac Park Fees – Interior Camping

  1. $12.43 per adult per night (persons 18 – 64 yrs)
  2. $5.65 per youth per night (persons 6 – 17 yrs)
  3. Less than 6 years of age free but still must be registered
  4. $9.94 per senior per night (persons 65 + yrs)
  5. $6.22 per person per night (disabled adult 18 – 64 yrs)
  6. $2.83 per person per night (disabled youth 6 – 17 yrs)

Frontenac Park Fees – Youth Groups

Currently there are no group campsites at Frontenac Park, however, a limited number of Youth Groups are permitted to camp at the park on the regular interior campsites, with a maximum of 16 persons per 4-site campsite cluster.

Call the park for more information and to make group reservations: 613-376-3489. Space is limited so call early!

For more information visit:

Ontario Parks website

Friends of Frontenac Park website