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When it comes to being safe on the water, there's more to it than just meeting the bare minimum of Transport Canada's requirements. Zack shows you the five things you need to be 'legal' on the water, along with more items that help will help keep you safe on the water. He also shows a better use for the 'Orange Bucket' Safety Kit. Having the bare necessities of safety equipment may stop you from getting any fines, but will it actually help when you or someone else needs it?






Part of a good safety kit is communicating a Float Plan. Tell someone where you're going, when you'll be back, and who they should alert if you're not back by in time. Writing all of this information down and passing it on doesn't take long, especially with today's technology. We've included a printable Float Plan that you can fill out and either give to the Coast guard or someone you trust. You can also text someone this information - or fill out the form, take a picture of it and then send it to a friend. It only takes a few minutes, but it could mean the difference between someone coming to rescue you or not.

Click Here for a Float Plan PDF

We've listed one example of each of the safety items below. We carry more than what's listed, so have a browse and find something that meets your needs.

Bilge Pump (Best for sea kayaks)

NRS Sponge

Fox 40 Whistles

50' Rope Throw-bag

50' Rope Throw-bag WITH BIG BAILER (Ideal for canoes or open cockpit kayaks)

Guardian PFD Lights

Waterproof Headlamp

First Aid Kit

Phone Case

Paddle Float (Kayak specific item)

Rescue Stirrup (Kayak specific item)

Map case



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