Outfit your Staycation!

Making sure you're prepared for your staycation can be less-than-stressful, so we want to help make it easier. We've organized a collection of equipment that we think will make your staycation a walk-in-the-pantry.

Don't lose that remote!

Make sure your tv remote is close by with this handy sling from chums. You can keep it on your chest with your cell phone and your favourite pack of candy or gum. Never search your couch for your remote again!

Keep that Starbucks hot!

When you go on your morning hunt for coffee, don't forget to bring your insulated mug, so your Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino doesn't go cold before you crawl back into bed.


When they have go!

When you eventually have to put on pants because your dog needs to be walked, NRS has you covered. Keep hold of your pants and the pooch with this belt, collar and leash made with NRS webbing. 


Stay cozy with one of our hoodies.

Rep your favourite outdoors shop while you hang out indoors, while you're likely watching videos of people enjoying the outdoors!


Make room - change it up!

Make room for yoga or change up the scenery. This kayak cart can help you move the coffee table out of the way to open up the room and experience home like never before.*



No shirt? No pants? No problem!

The Honcho Poncho by Thermarest is like walking around in your sleeping bag - but it's a poncho. It may be a little short while standing, but it's perfect when you curl up in the couch corner with a mug of cocoa. 


*Please note that this is for an April Fool's day joke only, and we don't actually recommend moving furniture with your kayak cart or drinking scalding coffee while in bed.

Author: Ben Kelly