Canoe Flip Challenge Reboot!

A Fun Challenge for a great cause

If you've been canoe tripping this season, then you're ready for this challenge - and even if you can't physically flip a canoe, you can still participate!

Zack taking on the Canoe Flip Challenge

Outdoor Filmmaker Chris Prouse initially started the Canoe Flip Challenge to raise money for this fantastic cause. Project Canoe is an organization that creates an opportunity for inner-city teens or teens who otherwise wouldn't have the chance to go canoe tripping. As you may imagine, this makes for an incredible experience that will positively impact these teens' lives. For more information on Project Canoe, you can visit their website at

Chris Prouse’s Canoe Flip Challenge

The Canoe Flip Challenge is simple and allows for adaptation. Flip a canoe from the ground to above your head into portage position as many times as you can in one minute, and every time you do, you donate $5 to Project Canoe. You don't have to donate $5 per flip; it can be less or more. If you can't flip a canoe, that's no problem. You can get creative with it by flipping a toy canoe, flipping a drawing of a canoe or whatever your imagination dreams up. Just make sure you record it or document it in some way to share it online. The important thing is to bring awareness and help enable Project Canoe to keep doing what they do - enriching kids' lives with the power of the outdoors.

Conjuring Rock's Canoe Flip Challenge

After you've completed the challenge, be sure to share it on either Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok and tag us with #frontenacoutfitters and #canoeflipchallenge.

Adams Reel Adventure's Canoe Flip Challenge

Heads Up! If you donate more than $200, we may ask for you to provide us with a photo of your receipt for proof.

Camper Christina completed the Canoe Flip Challenge in a fun and creative way.

Happy Flipping, and we hope to see you join in on the fun with us.


✅ Complete the Canoe Flip Challenge

✅ Donate to Project Canoe (Save your receipt!)

✅ Use the hashtag #frontenacoutfitters and #canoeflipchallenge in your post.


Author: Ben Kelly - 22