Sea Kayaking Easy Rolling Basics: Private Lesson

Sea Kayaking Easy Rolling Basics: Private Lesson



The ultimate self-rescue technique, a Bomb Proof Roll is the Holy Grail of kayak skills to be learned. Our Kayak Rolling Course takes a step-by-step teaching approach has helped many paddlers achieve their goal to roll a Sea Kayak. Together we will explore and discover the progressions that will work best for your individual needs. So if you like the idea of purposely tipping over to see if you can come back up, don’t mind getting wet and like the idea of hanging out up upside down have we got an experience for you!

Note: Best results our Kayak Rolling Course is taught as a private course with 2- students per session in two to three sessions.

“I know what the bottom of your lake looks like… but I’ve also now got an awesome roll!”
– M. Lee

Kayak Rolling Course


Prerequisites: Recommended completion of our Intro. to Sea Kayaking is or equivalent experience

Length: Determined by participant: 1-2 hour session is recommended

Location: Frontenac Outfitters Canoe & Kayak Centre

Cost: $75.00 (per hour) + 13% HST

Note: For group sessions, a charge of $35.00 an hour is applicable per additional student.

How to Book

Contact Us about customizing a date for a Kayak Rolling Course!


  • Stretches
  • How to stay relaxed & loose
  • How not to over-extend or over-exert
  • Wet-exit (lets see how long you can hold your breath)
  • Low & high brace
  • Proper set-up
  • Gentle sweep
  • Lay-back
  • Hip flick
  • Head dink
  • Finish position
  • Tricks to catch errors, correct & refine your roll yourself

Note: we normally teach a Gentle Sweep Roll but you can also learn C-to-C and Pawlata Rolls.

How to Book

  • Class dates & size are limited & book up quickly
  • To sign up please refer to our online registration package
  • Courses run rain or shine

What we Provide

  • Sea Kayak or bring your own (proper fit is essential)
  • PFD
  • Paddle
  • Paddle Leash
  • Spray Skirt

Stuff to Bring

  • Swim wear
  • Complete change of clothes & towel
  • Wide brimmed hat, sunglasses eyeglass straps (we sell here)
  • Water bottle & snacks
  • A Positive Attitude


  • We sell nose plugs & eye glasses holders, and a mask can be provided

Should you have any questions about our Kayak Rolling Course please do not hesitate to call 613.376.6220  or email us at: [email protected]

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