Intro to Canoeing


Canoe Courses- Intro to Canoeing

Whether your new to canoeing or simply want to shake off those rusty, bad habits & refine your skills, our 3 hr. Canoe Courses provides the perfect opportunity. What you can expect to learn from our Canoe Courses are basic strokes and maneuvers, paddling with an emphasis on steering (‘J’ Stroke), as well as launching methods and canoe design & terminology.


Prerequisite: Swim 50- Metres with a PFD

Course Length: 3 Hours

Location: Frontenac Outfitters Canoe & Kayak Centre’s Pearkes Lake

Cost: $85.00 + $11.05 (13% HST) = $96.05 (Includes Canoe and Gear)

How to Book

Contact Us about customizing a date for your Intro to Canoeing Course!


  • Boat Designs & Terminology
  • Canoe Types – Tripping/Performance, Recreational, Solo
  • Safety features, what constitutes a safe canoe
  • Safety equipment – what one needs to be ‘legal’ vs. what one needs to be ‘safe’

On Water Skills

  • Entering / Exiting a canoe from a Dock / Shoreline
  • Forward / Reverse Strokes
  • ‘J’ Stroke, Sweeps, Draws, Pry, Rafting
  • T-Bow Rescue
  • Launching Methods

We Provide

  • ‘NEW’ Quality Tandem Tripping/Performance Canoe
  • Paddling PFD
  • Canoe Paddle
  • Bailer
  • Whistle
  • Throw Bag

 Cancellation Policy

  • Courses are non-refundable; however, a credit is kept on file in the instance of a cancellation. This credit can be used towards a future course or purchase. 
  • Frontenac Outfitters reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any of our Canoe Courses due to inclement weather or lack of participation

Suggested Stuff to Bring (Weather Dependant)

  • Wide brimmed sun hat
  • Sunglasses (we sell eyeglass holders & floaters)
  • Sunscreen & lip balm (waterproof)
  • Bathing suit & towel
  • T-shirt, light long-sleeve shirt, shorts, undergarments
  • Water shoes or sandals
  • Water Bottle (we stock pop & water)
  • Most Importantly… an attitude for having FUN!!!

Places to Stay

  • We offer on-site wooded & waterfront campsites at $25 per night
  • Country style B & B’s are nearby, or endless accommodation in Kingston is 30–40 minutes to the south. Places to stay

Should you have any questions about our Canoe Courses please do not hesitate to call 613.376.6220  or email us at [email protected]

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