Axis 12.0

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One word can be used to describe the Axis 12.0 kayak – versatile.

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Dagger Kayaks Axis 12.0 Kayak Review

We welcome the Dagger Axis 12.0 to our line of recreational kayaks!

One word can be used to describe the Axis 12.0 kayak – versatile. This family oriented kayak has been designed to paddle on ponds, flat lakes, and calm, normally protected waterways. The shorter length and wider beam improves maneuverability making it usable in slow moving water or tight confines, while the drop down skeg aids tracking for flat-water paddling or when in adverse conditions.  

Defined sides improve initial and secondary stability, while offering confidence for those new to kayaking. As such, the Axis 12.0 kayak accepts a spray skirt and can be fitted with thighbraces for more challenging environments and skills development. The Axis 12.0 kayak boasts a roomy cockpit suits a wide range of paddlers. A stern storage compartment and rear bulkhead allows for dry gear storage and positive buoyancy.  

As a recreational kayak, it does have limited outfitting such as perimeter lines and full deck rigging.  With Dagger Kayaks traditionally catering to whitewater or moving water environments, the Axis 12.0 retains a high-volume bow to help shed water effectively. However, we believe the larger cockpit, recreational design, and lack of bow hatch / bulkhead does not provide the necessary control, flotation, or safety for those conditions.

Lastly, as a flat-water teaching shop, we have chosen to stock only the the Axis 12.0 and not its shorter sibling, the Axis 10.0. The smaller version simply does not offer the degree of performance we expect from the kayaks we carry.

Included in National Geographic Adventure magazine's past issue of Best of Adventure Gear. Experience what an "all water" kayak can do with the Axis 12.0 kayak!

Standard Features

  • ConTour CFS Seating System
  • ConTour Knee/Thigh Pad
  • SlideLock Foot Brace System
  • Stern Hatch
  • Bungee Deck Rigging
  • Mesh Deck Cover with Bungee
  • Soft Touch Handles
  • Stern Bulkhead
  • TruTrak Adjustable Skeg System
  • Hull Beam w'r Bottle Holder
  • Paddle Park
  • Thigh Brace Padding
  • Tamper Proof Locking Point / Tow Point