Pulse SUP - Atlas 11'4"

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The Atlas 11'4" from Pulse SUP is an all-around board designed for medium- to large-sized paddlers. It's suitable for flat-water, fitness, and yoga. Stable enough for beginners, but the performance is appreciated by experienced riders.
Weight 0
Length 11'4"
Depth 4.75
Widest Width 31.5"
Hull Type Planing
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low) 120 lbs
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 190 lbs

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Pulse SUP Atlas 11'4" SUP Review

The Atlas 11’4” from Pulse SUP is included in their line of traditional boards, the most popular designs in Pulse’s lineup. It’s a versatile board for the flat-water cruiser or the SUP surf enthusiast making it a great option regardless of the type of paddleboarding you do most often!

By combining a width of 31.5” and depth of 4.75” with a concave hull shape and stretched out tail rocker, riders are offered a good balance between stability and performance. The generous width creates a user-friendly experience that is appreciated by beginners, while the hull shape improves speed and glide to appeal to more experienced paddlers.

Given its size, the Atlas 11’4” caters to paddlers in the 120 lb – 190 lb range, but it can handle up to around 230 lbs. Its important to note that larger riders will experience a slight sacrifice to stability due to the added capacity.

Constructed using a high-quality EPS foam core and multiple layers of epoxy resin-saturated fiberglass, the Atlas 11’4” is durable yet remains light and easy to manage. A wooden stringer is centred through the core and a bamboo veneer is sandwiched between the layers of cloth to improve stiffness and durability without additional weight. The board is then finished with an eye-catching graphic sheet on the top and bottom, and a clear-coat is applied and polished to produce a high-gloss, attractive look.

Standard Features

  • Single, Centre Fin + Two Side Thruster Fins
  • Bungee Rigging at the nose for gear storage
  • Lashing Plug at the tail for attaching a board leash
  • Self-Breathing Gor-Tex valve and off-set carrying handle
  • Go-Pro Mount at the nose for capturing your paddling adventures

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