Impex - Assateague 17/10 Kevlar

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Weight 0
Length 17' 10"
Width 22.5 inches
Cockpit Length 32
Cockpit Depth Front 13.75
Cockpit Depth Stern 0
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low) 190 lbs
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 255 lbs
Kayak Shape Symmetrical
Hull Design Shallow Vee
Rocker Minimal
Chine Soft Chine
Rudder/Skeg Skeg
Bow Hatch Volume 15 U.S. Gal.
Stern Hatch Volume 22 U.S. Gal.
Day Hatch Volume 10 U.S. Gal.
Total Hatch Volume 47 U.S. Gal.

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Impex Kayaks Assateague 17'10" Kayak

The Canadian made Impex Kayaks Assateague 17/10 is the largest kayak in Impex's Performance Touring line, and it can be simply explained as a Currituck 17 on steroids as it's bigger in every way!

Impex Kayaks Assateague 17/10 offers larger paddlers in the 190 lbs to 255 lb weight range a fantastic combination of efficiency, maneuverability and stability to satisfy all levels of sea kayakers from novice newbies to advanced enthusiasts. 

In 2017, Impex improved their layups in order to shed a few pounds on the weight of the Assateague 17/10. Less layers of material are used on the deck in high strength areas such as where the bulkheads are located. By doing so, Impex has been able to make the Assateague even lighter without hindering the strength and integrity of the kayak!

Recessed screws have also been incorporated in the installation of the foot pegs for a cleaner finish.  Impex Kayaks Assateague 17/10 offers a smooth touring pace for a boat of its size and reacts quickly to bursts of speed and high adrenaline sprints. It tracks effectively with the skeg up but is prone to slight weathercocking; however, lowering the skeg effectively keeps the kayak on course. 

The accentuated waterline of the Assateague 17/10 improves speed and glide while maintaining tracking and its nicely flared bow sheds waves well in big-water conditions. The uniquely chined sides and shallow arched hull responds instantly to subtle course corrections through edging, sweep strokes and leaned turns. 

We rate the kayak as having high initial stability due to its wider beam and long waterline. Secondary stability is ‘predictable’ as the kayak rests confidently on edge due to its uniquely crafted sides. Impex Kayaks Assateague 17/10 is outfitted with a simplistic yet effective seating system with an adjustable backband, fixed padded thighbraces and footbraces that are a cinch to re-position on the water. 

Larger Paddlers are often forced to take a back seat when it comes to quality choices for performance-oriented sea kayaks. This certainly isn't the case with Impex Kayaks Assateague 17/10 as it satisfies a wide range of skill levels and paddling conditions!”

Standard Features

  • Sealectdesigns VCP Style Bow & Stern Hatches
  • Sealectdesigns VCP Style 8″ Rear Day Hatch
  • Bow, Stern & Day Hatch Translucent Bulkheads
  • Drop Down Adjustable Skeg w’ Tether
  • Recessed Nexus 70P Compass Mount (compass not included)
  • Padded Quick Dry Seat Pan
  • Padded Integrated Thighbraces
  • Easy Adjust Footbrace System 
  • ‘On Demand’ Adjustable Backband 
  • Expedition Quality Deck Rigging
  • Bow & Stern In-Water Rescue Handles
  • Bow and Stern Easy Carry Handles

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