Zegul Arrow Play MV 17 - Rock Solid

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The Zegul Arrow Play MV is a performance sea kayak, developed specially for maneuvering and Playing in the sea. It is also an excellent kayak for day trips and longer overnight getaways.
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Weight 0
Length 17' 0" - 5.18 m
Width 21" - 53 cm
Cockpit Length 31.5 x 16.3" - 81 cm x 41.5 cm
Cockpit Depth Front 11.6" I.D. 13" O.D.
Cockpit Depth Stern 6.5" ID 8.5" O.D.
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low) 150 lbs - 68 kg
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 225 lbs - 102 kg
Kayak Shape Symmetrical
Hull Design Planning
Rocker Moderate-Aggresive
Chine Hard
Rudder/Skeg Retractable Skeg
Bow Hatch Volume 18.5 Gal - 70 L
Stern Hatch Volume 15.9 Gal - 60 L
Day Hatch Volume 10.6 Gal - 40 L
Total Hatch Volume 46.1 Gal - 174 L

Zegul Kayaks Arrow Play MV Kayak 17 Review

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to grab one of these exquisitely designed European Craft from Canada’s Tahe & Zegul Kayaks Experts!

We gratefully added the Zegul Arrow Play MV to our British style sea kayak offerings when Zegul purchased the Denmark based company, Arrow, in 2014. Jesper Kromann-Andersen, renowned Danish designer, merges the classic Brit-style shape with the snug-fitting, ultra-stylish Danish flare found in his Arrow series of kayaks.

The results speak for themselves, and after test paddling the Play MV you'll be hard pressed to find an excuse not to own one! An all-round performance kayak, the Play MV best satisfies skills a wide range of kayak paddler skill levels from novice to advanced in the 150 to 225 lb paddler weight range.

Paddler Fit

‘Simplicity rules’, which means don’t expect the ultra-cushy seat with lots of adjustments found in many N. American boats! Instead, expect a well-thought, robust, but Spartan seat system that thankfully has everything correctly placed. The Zegul Arrow Play MV keyhole cockpit's shorter length means some longer legged paddlers may have balance on the rear deck and then slide in. A contour back band provides almost perfect support and allows a full range of motion.

Multi-adjustable thighbraces were welcome upgrades in 2015, and when combined with the easily adjustable foot braces provide the ‘good contact points’ required for skills progression. The skeg slider is positioned on the port side and is easy to use. In 2017, the Zegul Arrow Play MV has been upgraded with a multi-adjustable back rest to further improve the paddler's fit. The back rest is manually adjusted using a nut & bolt system that offers virtually unlimited customization. It takes some time to hone in your perfect fit and the back rest cannot be adjusted on the water. However, once you've got it placed exactly where it's needed, you'll appreciate the comfort that's provided!

Kayak Efficiency & Maneuverability

‘Versatile' seems to be the one best word to best describe the Zegul Arrow Play MV. Designed specifically as a performance sea kayak the MV is also perfect for short efficient paddles & overnight get-a-ways. The hull has significant rocker and volume in the bow to avoid diving when riding down large waves, while the mid section has a slightly rounded profile enabling it to transition smoothly from edge to edge for maneuvering and playing in rough water conditions.

Kayak Stability

A slightly round hull purposely forsakes a degree of initial stability of the Zegul Arrow Play MV to optimize maneuverability. Hard chine sides provide predictable secondary stability for solid edging and confident turns.

Kayak Roll & Rescue

A slightly shorter cockpit may restrict some long legged paddlers. Accordingly, we suggest installing ‘quick release straps’ to make the process easy. The flat rear deck of the Zegul Arrow Play MV makes a great platform for self and assisted rescues, while great contact points and the low rear deck make layback rolls a breeze!

Kayak Touring

A cruising speed is easily achieved and its low profile catches less wind, thus limiting any tendency to be blown off course. Its rockered bow makes playing in a following sea just plain fun. Recessed deck and perimeter lines are well positioned on the Zegul Arrow Play MV and the four lightweight Kayak Sport Hatches click-on and off easily with the ‘mini’ foredeck hatch handy for your GPS, camera and any personal items.

Originally designed and manufactured in Denmark Frontenac Outfitters is extremely proud to offer North America’s Largest  Zegul ARROW Kayaks. Premium quality performance kayaks that just happen to look as great as they paddle!”


Standard Features

Hatches: Zegul Arrow Play MV 17 has a whopping 4 VCP style Kayak Sport rubber hatch covers that are easy to use and watertight with 3 composite bulkheads with fibreglass seams.

Bow: round 10” / 24 cm 
Stern: oval 17” x 10.25” / 44 x 26 cm 
Day:  round 8” / 15 cm 
Mini-bow pod: 6” / 15 cm 

Outfitting: Cockpit includes a multi-adjustable back band, seat pan, and integrated composite / padded thigh braces

Other Features Include:

  • Aramide/Kevlar seam
  • Retractable skeg system
  • Exquisitely finished deck which includes recessed deck fittings and reflective perimeter safety lines

Note: Zegul Arrow Kayaks colour combinations are both vibrant & complex. Accordingly, we suggest you call us for descriptions.


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