Antix 2.0 SM Coming Soon!

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Order now! The Antix brings play, river running and creaking together into a one-boat-fits-all package. We’ve taken the best selling kayak in its class and added more speed, comfort, ease and play to give you the Antix 2.0
Delivery time: Arriving Early 2021 - Will Call on Arrival - Does not ship
Length (Standard) 7'7"
Width 25"
Weight 34 lbs
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low) 95 lbs
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 160 lbs
Volume 58 gal

Frontenac Outfitters

Jackson Kayak Antix Kayak

ORDER NOW! Special Edition 'Fury' is VERY Limited! 

If you were heading to a new river, with no beta on what to expect and you were given the choice of only one boat to take; you would take the Antix 2.0. After three years paddling the original Antix we were all reminded of how much FUN whitewater is! 

With the masterful reshaping of a full planing hull, we have made the Antix substantially faster, made it surf like no other, stay on the surface, and made it squirt with less effort than ever.

It runs rivers well, it runs creeks well and it’s the best for play in its class, bar none! It’s the one boat that rules them all for all day fun on the water.

“The new Antix takes what I loved with the first edition, but improved on all the bases I could have asked for. From easier squirting to higher speed, better surfing and more confidence downriver, it's the boat that’s gonna allow me to unlock the full potential of every run.” ~ Dane Jackson

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