Blue Sky Boatworks - 360 Angler

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The next evolution of pedal driven fishing kayaks can be found in Blue Say Boatworks 360 Angler. Partly kayak, partly catamaran, and fully awesome.
Weight 0
Length 13' 4"
Width 48 inches
Cockpit Length NA
Cockpit Depth Front NA
Cockpit Depth Stern NA
Optimal Paddler Weight (Low) 0
Optimal Paddler Weight (High) 500 lbs
Kayak Shape Catamaran
Hull Design Pontoon with Deck
Rocker Minimal
Chine N/A
Rudder/Skeg Rudder
Bow Hatch Volume
Stern Hatch Volume
Day Hatch Volume
Total Hatch Volume


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Blue Sky Boatworks 360 Angler Kayak Review

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The next evolution of pedal driven fishing kayaks can be found in Blue Say Boatworks 360 Angler. Partly kayak, partly catamaran, and fully awesome, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of this unique boat to our shop!

Offering the user-friendliness of a big boat in the manageable size of a kayak, the 360 Angler features a pontoon hull design for superior stability while maintaining speed and tracking. A fantastic option for those with mobility issues or poor balance as you can walk right onto the deck without tipping. The wide open concept makes moving about easily, provides a ton of room for your gear, and you could even bring a child or dog along for the ride!

Built around Jackson Kayak's Flex Drive pedal system, the 360 Angler offers a complete hands-free experience that lets you cast, troll, and swap out rods without stopping. With forward and reverse capabilities, the Flex Drive’s unique design features an articulated shaft that protects the prop when paddling in shallow water or near submerged obstacles. The design also provides an easy way to clean away weeds or debris as the hinged prop cover is located directly in front of the seat for easy access. This means you don’t have to remove or raise the Flex Drive in order to clean it, nor do you have to get off the water as it can be done on the fly!

The drive is deployed using a flip lever, and with it's 12:1 gear ratio and adjustable pitch prop blades, the system can quickly adapt from shallow to deep water without having to move the whole unit. Not only that, but the Flex Drive can be swapped out for Jackson's upcoming electric motor drive making the 360 Angler the ultimate fishing kayak!

The 360 Angler comes standard with gear tracks, rod holders, and storage areas to allow you to customize the layout to your preferred angling style. A 360 degree swivel seat is included with a full 7" adjustability forward and aft, 6" adjustment up and down, and is built for comfort with soft, breathable material and loads of lumbar support.  

Very little effort is required to get the 360 Angler up to speed and is easily maintained. The sleek outriggers slice through the water efficiently and keep you on a straight track with minimal course correction strokes. To improve maneuverability, a hand-controlled rudder system comes pre-installed and is integrated into the design.

When it comes to transporting the 360 Angler, portage wheels are included along the sides of the boat and are easily manipulated for use when going from land to water and back again. As for loading it, the 360 Angler fits in the back of most pick-up trucks, can be car-topped, or towed by a trailer. What's even more convenient, it disassembles into three main pieces to allow you to manage loading and unloading on your own!

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